Moodycards – Over 30 Different Mood and Practical Flip-Over Messages. Fun Gift for Co-workers and Friends in the Office.

  • Moodycards: Messages
    Moodycards: Messages
  • Moodycards: Easy To Display
    Moodycards: Easy To Display
  • Moodycards: Custom Messages
    Moodycards: Custom Messages
  • Moodycards: Example
    Moodycards: Example
  • Moodycards: Example 2
    Moodycards: Example 2

Product Description

Tell everyone how you feel and what’s on your mind without saying a word & get a laugh while you’re doing it! With over 30 messages, you’re sure to find one that matches exactly what your mood is. No office should be without them.

Review on Quality

These cards are packed with short messages that are both fun and informative. It has over 25 messages and also includes dry-erasable cards for users to write their own message.  The cards are easy to display and easy to flip back and forth. Each card measures around 4 x 5 inches.

Users should know that there are different messages on either side of the cards so depending on how the cards are displayed, users may be giving different co-workers different messages. For example, “Need a hug”is shown on one side and “Who Farted?” is shown on the other side. Additionally, humor is subjective so here is a list of the printed messages: “Stay Away,” “Going Nuts!,” “Not in the Mood!,” “We LOVE Our Customers!,” We’re here to help!,” “Longest Day Ever,” “I have Gossip,” “Somone Stinks!,” “Pee Break,” “All Good!,” “Need a Hug,” “Who Farted?,” “Super Busy,” “I’m Freezing!,” “Stressed Out,” “NO!,” “Not Feeling Well,” “PMS,” “Smile!,” “Pissed Off,” “Buy me a coffee?,” “Drinks After Work?,” “I’m Bored,” “Back in 5,” “In a meeting,” “Out to Lunch,” “On a Break,” “Do Not Disturb.”

Amazon users really like the cards giving it 4.6 out of 5 stars with over 200 reviews.

Key Specs

Moodycards - Over 30 Different Mood + Practical Flip-Over Messages













  • Easy to display
  • Easy to change messages
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • Not appropriate for all offices

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