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Product Description

Nulaxy laptop stand designed specifically for bringing a laptop screen up to eye-level while sitting at a desk/table. It can also be used in tandem with a standing desk to bring a laptop screen up to eye-level while working in a standing position.

Review on Quality

With all the hours we spend on our laptops – reading emails, browsing news, jumping on conferencing calls or for whatever other reason – it is no surprise that we are experiencing frequent neck and shoulder pain. Sitting at a desk, working on your laptop, generally means that you are holding your head in a slightly downward position for hours.

Now, there is always the “MacGyver” option. We can grab our dictionaries and any boards, books, bricks or what have you to prop up our laptop screen, but that can be inconvenient, unstable and/or unsightly. The easier and more atheistically pleasing path is to simply get this laptop stand.

Amazon users give this stand a 4.8 out of 5 stars with over 1,000 reviews. It definitely deserves this rating. This stand easily holds a 10 to 17 inch laptop. Its height is adjustable, 3.15 to 10.6 inches, as is the tilting angle to accommodate the users ideal eye level.  The wide flat base and double arms ensures that your laptop is stable and not wobbly upon use. Rubber pads on the top surface keeps your laptop from sliding back and forth. Plus, the stand folds down so users can take it anywhere they need.

The only complaints are minor. The first is that the adjustable arms are very stiff, probably to keep it from moving or wobbling while in use. The second complaint is the price on this thing. It is a good item but the price does fluctuate (purchased one, liked it so much, went back to get a second one only to find the price nearly doubled). Lastly, the stand is available in only two colors, silver or space grey, having a solid black option would have been nice.

Key Specs

Additional Details


Nulaxy Laptop Stand













  • Sturdy Build
  • Sleek Design
  • Does Not Wobble
  • Folds Down


  • Limited Color Options
  • Price Fluctuates
  • Stiff Arms

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