Clamp-On Swivel Pencil Drawer

  • Clamp-On Desk Drawer 6
    Clamp-On Desk Drawer6
  • Clamp-On Desk Drawer 5
    Clamp-On Desk Drawer 5
  • Clamp-On Desk Drawer 4
    Clamp-On Desk Drawer 4
  • Clamp-On Desk Drawer 3
    Clamp-On Desk Drawer 3
  • Clamp-On Desk Drawer 2
    Clamp-On Desk Drawer 2
  • Clamp-On Desk Drawer
    Clamp-On Desk Drawer

Product Description

Clean up that mess of rubber bands and paper clips! While today’s sleek, minimalist desk designs offer fantastic looks and greater flexibility, sometimes they could use a little extra under desk storage space.

Review on Quality

Binder clips, highlighters, pens, sticky notepads and other need to have items can quickly clutter up our desk space. Thank goodness for this cleverly designed under the desk drawer. It’s practical swivel design lets users easily store various small items right under their desk.  Installation is quick and easy. Simply place the drawer along the front edge of the desk, tighten the knob (aka thumb screw clap), fill it and enjoy the extra desk space.

There are a couple of downsides to this item. The first, the drawer is helpful and convenient to have but it is small.  The individual compartments, though handy, make storing larger notepads, longer pens, etc. impossible. Lastly, the swivel aspect of this drawer is not like an easy glide desk drawer. Movement is a little stiff, but it does stay in place and serves its basic uncluttering purpose. Overall, Amazon users give this product a 4.3 our of 5 stars with over 340 reviews.

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