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Product Description 

Want to add some fun to your desk? Sheepi is the answer! Sheepi’s strong magnetic body allows you to securely hold your paperclips (or staples, hairclips, and other magnetic accessories). It is the perfect accessory if you like organizing and personalizing your desk.

Review on Quality 

Okay, so the product description kind of says its all, but we still had to add our thoughts too! The Sheepi paper clip holder is one of the cutest desk accessory items we’ve come across. This can also make a great gift item for the busy person who needs a friendly reminder to not take themselves so seriously. Sheepi is a great marriage of fun and functional. The black sheep with white paperclips (30 included with purchase) is modern, sleek and subtle enough that it could go on your home or office desk (or both!).

The magnet is strong but do not expect it to hold a lot of paperclips. The Sheepi is small! Also, it does not hold larger paper clips well. A small number of users also complained that their sheep’s magnet strength was poorer then expected; however, most did not have this problem. Additionally, if it disappoints or underperforms then Amazon makes it easy enough to replace or return. Overall, Amazon users adore this cute little sheep giving it a 4.5 out of 5 stars with over 260 reviews.

Key Specs

Additional Details


Sheepi - Magnetic Paper Clip Holder













  • Practical and Whimsical
  • Sleek Design
  • Includes 30 White Paperclips


  • Pricey
  • Small
  • Can Not Hold Large Clips

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