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Product Description 

You can leave the metal cursor on the last word you were reading and thanks to its flexibility you can use it with various book formats and sizes.

Review of Product 

In the absence of a “real bookmark,” it seems like almost anything can double as its alternative – a pen, a napkin, a receipt, an old business card or even the cringe-worthy corner page fold.  However, all these bookmarks and pseudo bookmarks all share one thing in common, they do not indicate where you left off on the page. This means users are scanning, skimming or just re-reading the whole page. It’s not a big deal, but it’s still an annoying inconvenience that Lastword Bookmarks has solved. The metal cursor on each elastic band slides up or down to indicate exactly where you left off.  The band easily stretch over various size books. And, once placed, it stays put so you don’t lose your page if you accidentally drop your book. This pack of 4 brightly colored bookmarks are a perfect gift for students or your book reading enthusiast.

The biggest issue with these bookmarks is its price. These are pretty expensive compared to regular bookmarks. Also worth noting, these bands do not work well as a bookmark for the last few pages of a paperback book. Overall, Amazon users really liked the quality and the functionality of these bookmarks giving them 4.5 out of 5 stars with over 475 reviews.

Key Specs


Lastword Bookmarks













  • Movable Metal Cursor
  • Stays Put
  • Indicates Where You Left Off


  • Price

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